The Research Center is a nonprofit, nonpolitical and non-governmental center of research and expertise concerning to the Western Balkans. The Center is dedicated to conducting high-quality, cutting edge research and providing higher education based on research, mostly in the fields of security and defence. By conducting applied research, cooperating with various actors in society and providing information services, the Center seeks practical, societally relevant applications for research results.

The Research Center aims to increase understanding of the developments in the Western Balkans through research. High-quality academic research forms the basis and core for all the Center’s activities. The Center looks for new, relevant directions for research and for interaction between the societies.

The Research Center quests for truth and knowledge, edification, creativity, well-being and autonomy. The Center additionally relies on the principles of:

  • multi- and interdisciplinary approach,
  • dialogue with,
  • knowledge of the languages and
  • understanding of the cultures of the countries within its research scope.

The goals of the Research Center are:

  • scientific and professional research focusing on security challenges, risks and threats,
  • education of citizens, especially of the youth about the importance of security,
  • training security managers and
  • Raising awareness about the importance of monitoring the security challenges, risks and threats.

The Center’s vision is that in 2018 the Center will have established its position as a major actor in the Western Balkans research studies both on the European and broader international level.